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What Is A Food Forest? 

A food forest is a harmonious food growing system. By copying the structure and process of a natural forest, we can create a perennial space that is both low maintenance and abundant. This model meets the needs of humans while creating soil, increasing biodiversity, and eliminating waste.

Layers Of A Food Forest

A food forest is strategically designed by stacking species in eight or less layers. These layers are:

  1. Canopy – e.g. Apple
  2. Subcanopy – e.g. Saskatoon
  3. Vining – e.g. Artic Kiwi
  4. Shrub – e.g. Haskap
  5. Herbaceous – e.g. Lettuce
  6. Creeping – e.g. Pumpkin
  7. Root Crop – e.g. Carrot
  8. Fungi – e.g. Morel

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